The Best 9 Sights To See In Montenegro

The best sights in Montenegro to see if visiting our amazing country

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You would probably think that a small country like Montenegro would certainly lack the best sights and cultural attractions that could attract tourists from all over the world. However, on the contrary, Montenegro can boast of monuments at every turn, whether they are from the middle ages (or earlier), or natural resources such as national parks, canyons, or caves.

The best sights to see in Montenegro

Here are some of the best sights to visit in Montenegro. There’s no ranking to shows them in order, but this list should serve as a good place to start exploring Montenegro.

How to visit the best sights in Montenegro

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Blue Grotto in Lustica

Montenegro is characterized by a variety of natural resources, on which man has had minimal influence. For this reason, Montenegrin natural beauties, from the coast to the high mountains, provide numerous opportunities for excursions, camps or cruises, and are almost always on the list of favorite destinations for touring Montenegro.

One such natural landmark is the Blue Grotto on the Lustica, a place that once you visit, you are enchanted forever. It is known for its unusual blue color that refracts in countless shades, and the only way to reach it is by sea. For that purpose, numerous tours are organized from Kotor and Herceg Novi, and precisely because of that, at least when it comes to Herceg Novi, the best sights in Montenegro necessarily include this grotto.

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A lot is waiting for you in the Blue Grotto, especially for fans of swimming and diving, and, interestingly, you can reach it by kayak, which is an activity that is specially organized.

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Fortress of St. Ivan in Kotor

When it comes to Kotor, the sights for which it is most famous belong to the category of cultural and historical monuments, with good reason. You will meet one of the most famous scenes in Kotor, a city that depicts the cultural and historical significance of the Bay of Kotor in a more significant way.

It is the fortification of Sveti Ivan, a masterpiece of the defensive architecture of the Middle Ages, and the most beautiful lookout point in Montenegro, positioned just above the Old Town of Kotor. If you decide to visit it, a slightly harder climb awaits you, which perfectly complements the surrounding nature, and finally, a view that encompasses the entire bay, which is expected for the fortification, which is one of the biggest attractions in Kotor.

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Lustica peninsula

The Lustica peninsula is the right destination for all those who want to get to know them somewhat more traditional sights in Montenegro – in this case, a peninsula where the way of life has not changed for centuries. The Lustica peninsula is known as wild and inaccessible, a place where endless summer reigns and which will get under your skin.

Lustica is one of those places that should always be considered one of the best sights in Montenegro, but it rarely gets a chance to shine, since it is not sufficiently urbanized and is more suitable for adventurous types.

The position of this peninsula is also interesting, because on one side it belongs to the Bay of Boka, while on the other side it is open to the Adriatic. If you decide to take the time to visit this peninsula in a circle, you will come across villages that have stood unchanged for a hundred years, the same can be said for the way of life.

Cultural and historical walk on the Royal Capital of Cetinje

Cetinje is one of the best sights in Montenegro, considering cultural and historical heritage

Cetinje is the Royal capital of Montenegro, so when you are in Budva, you can often hear as a recommendation to visit this town. Cetinje used to be the seat of the Montenegrin royal court, and today it is one of the most important cultural and historical places of Montenegro. It’s on all tourist itineraries as one of the best sights in Montenegro to visit.

Cetinje is a small town, also a prototype of a Montenegrin mountain town, so you really won’t have any problems coping. The town abounds in the charm of the “old world”, which is the reason for its popularity, as well as the fact that the most important cultural and historical monuments of Montenegro from the time of the kingdom are located here.

Driving to this town will open the door to a turbulent history preserved in physical form in institutions such as the National Museum, King Nikola’s Palace, the Blue Palace, and many others, so we believe that your time will be well spent.

Nevidio Canyon

Nevidio is located on the road from Nikšić to Durmitor, and it is, as its name suggests, an “invisible” canyon, first explored in 1965. Today it is one of the most popular adrenaline attractions in Montenegro, for all lovers of canyoning, but also for those who enjoy the wild and untouched environment.

Available tours generally include 2 km of canyons, including plenty of swimming, ascents, descents, but also jumps, so be prepared for the effort. The tour lasts on average about 3 and a half hours, depending on the physical condition of the group, perfect for all fans of adrenaline content who want to spice up their summer a bit.

Duklja the ancient town in Montenegro

Duklja is an ancient Roman town near Podgorica, one of the oldest sights in Montenegro
Duklja near Podgorica

Among the cultural and historical sights of Montenegro, we should include archeological sites, among which Duklja stands out, in Latin Doclea. Its ruins are located near Podgorica, more precisely 3 km north of it, so it is not difficult to find.

The earliest layers belong to the settlement of the Illyrian tribe from the period of the 1st century AD, with the architecture that best suits the Roman way of building, with the central axis connecting all the most representative buildings.

Duklja also includes a necropolis with over 300 excavated graves, in which many valuable objects such as jewelry, ceramic and glass vessels, fibulae, etc. were found. If you are interested in the ancient history of Montenegro, Duklja is a great place to start, because later the medieval state originated from it.

Sveti Stefan in Budva

Definitely, Sveti Stefan, is in the top 3 sights in Montenegro to visit
Sveti Stefan near Budva is one of the best sights in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a small island and hotel complex, located in the northeast of Budva, at the foot of one of the ridges of the mountain Lovcen. Although it is a luxurious hotel complex, what makes the island of Sveti Stefan unique is its amazing history. According to the legend, the fortification was built on the island during the 15th century, when it was first inhabited.

The need to build a fortress stemmed from the fact that the settlement needed protection – numerous families from the surrounding villages desperately sought shelter from the Turkish invasion and pirate attacks. In addition to the fortress, the island has three churches – the church of St. Stephen, after which the island was named, and which is located on the highest part of the island, the church of Alexander Nevsky and the Church of the Transfiguration, which is also the smallest on the island.

When it comes to Budva, the sights located on the island of Sveti Stefan have a long tradition and a rich cultural and historical heritage. Each building on the island has a unique story, revealing authentic details and an irresistible charm that you will surely appreciate.

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Black Lake in Zabljak

Do not miss visiting Black lake in Durmitor, as it's on the top list for best sights in Montenegro
Black lake in Montenegro

When it comes to Montenegro, breathtaking sights with their beauty, natural surroundings, and beautiful landscapes are not only on the coast. Zabljak offers tourists a glacial lake surrounded by a pine forest that is shyly reflected in the water. The area becomes even more impressive if the top of Medjed Mountain is in the background.

Black Lake is divided into two, smaller lakes – Big and Small Lake, interconnected by a narrow passage. If you like hiking and walking tours, in this place there is a trail 3 and a half kilometers long, which surrounds the lake. It takes about an hour and a half to cross the entire section. There are steep areas on the way that require climbing, but that is not an excessive challenge, so a pleasant walk is guaranteed.

Pavlova Strana in the National Park Skadar Lake

Explore National Park Skadar Lake in Montenegro, one of the most popular attractions
Amazing Pavlova view point

If you belong to the group of people who believe that the beauty of Montenegro lies in the hidden parts of the interior of the country, you are right. The beautiful meander on Lake Skadar, with a view of the famous Pavlova Strana, perfectly shows the place where the Crnojevića River flows into Lake Skadar in the National Park.

This view alone is enough of an invitation to visit an unreal beautiful place, especially when it comes to the natural sights of Montenegro. A place where a real adventure awaits you. A place where you can go on a cruise, a mountaineering expedition, and visit fishing villages and fortresses along the way.

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