The Best Beaches in Ulcinj

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Ulcinj is a pearl gem of the Adriatic Sea. It has some of the most beautiful and popular sandy beaches along the Montenegro and Adriatic coast. It’s home to famous beach music shows like Souther Soul Festival and Sonic Dance. 

However, Ulcinj is a “Mecca” for kitesurfers from all over the world. They all come to tame the nasty winds in this majestic place where the summer sunset is like in a fairytale. 

So, if you wander should you include Ulcinj on the beach towns list in Montenegro for the holiday itinerary – yes, BIG YES.   

We will show you below what are the best beaches in Ulcinj and why you should not miss them if are on a vacation in Montenegro.

Beach and sunset lovers are you ready to see what locals “call” a paradise on earth? 

Sandy beaches in Ulcinj

Ulcinj probably has the best sandy beaches in Montenegro. However, if we could hold a competition for which town has the best beaches, I’m sure it would be very hard to decide. 

The long stretch of sandy beaches on the Ulcinj Riviera offers a romantic setting for sunbathing, sunseting, swimming, beach activities volleyball, windsurfing etc.

Velika Plaža (Long Beach)

Velika Plaza (Long Beach) is one of Montenegro’s and Ulcinj best beaches, stretches for 13 kilometres of sandy shoreline offering plenty of space for beach activities and relaxation. It’s flat at around 100 meters very shallow in the sea so you can walk easily. 

In the hinterland of Velika plaža is the village of Donji Štoj. It’s 5 km away from Ulcinj old town, you can drive or walk to the beach. The width of the beach is on average 60 m. Due to its size and fine sand, it is popularly called “Copacabana”.

Velika Plaza Ulcinj Montenegro

It’s not ideal for swimming if you visit beaches in Kotor or Tivat beaches, they offer different experiences and you may be disappointed because you can’t snorkel for example.

However, Long Beach in Ulcinj is a charming and relaxing oasis with the most beautiful sunset on the Adriatic Sea.

It’s home to popular music festivals. Especially during summer, you can enjoy many disco and techno parties along the 13 km beach. 

Entrance is free, but the beach is scattered with smaller beach clubs where you can drink, eat and rent sunbad.  

Mala Plaza (Small Beach)

The Mala plaza (Small beach) is located in the very centre of the city, under the walls of the old town of Ulcinj. 

Mala plaza / Small beach in Ulcinj
Photo: Twitter/@pedjo3

The beach consists of the main beach and the pier. Access to the beach is easy, however, during the summer tourist season, there are large crowds since a large number of tourists visit the Small beach every day. Above the Small beach is the ancient old town of Ulcinj, with exceptional historical sights. If you want to find out more about it, read our guide 11 Incredible Things to Do in Ulcinj.

Clean emerald water and a view of the walls of the old town make the beach extremely attractive.

The small beach is about 360 m long and can accommodate about 2,800 bathers. At the northern end of the beach, below the Old Town, there is a small port of Ulcinj (360 m) with a nicely decorated pier. 

In the background of the beach are restaurants, pubs, cafes, and apartments.

If you are coming with a rented car or personal car, make sure to check parking spots as beach parking is very small. 

Miami Beach

Miami Beach in Ulcinj is well-known for its vibrant beach parties and music festivals, boasting fine sand and clear waters that attract swimmers and beach sports enthusiasts.

Safari Beach

Safari Beach in Ulcinj offers an amazing beach experience, known for its laid-back atmosphere and popular among backpackers and budget travelers. 

Offering budget accommodation as well as fun beach volleyball tournaments and parties, Safari Beach makes a lasting impression on visitors from near and far alike. 

Safari Beach
Safari Beach Ulcinj
Photo: Facebook page / Safari beach

Barbossa Beach

Barbossa Beach in Ulcinj is a very popular party and lux place on Lond beach. Surrounded by lush vegetation and offering an ideal retreat, it makes an excellent destination for those looking for an enjoyable beach experience with big local musician names singing almost every day during summer.

Barbossa Beach

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach, located on the 6th kilometre of Velika Beach, is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a place for true relaxation. As you sink your feet into the fine-grained, mineral-rich sand famous for its healing effects, you’ll leave your worries behind and experience unforgettable moments. 

One of Montenegro’s oldest beach resorts, Copacabana offers a nicely arranged, spacious sandy area with a bar, cafe, and restaurant right on the beach. 

While it can get a bit crowded during the summer season, the friendly English-speaking staff ensures a pleasant experience at this beautiful and properly maintained beach, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the surroundings.

Dolcinium Beach

Dolcinium Beach in Ulcinj offers an inviting family-oriented beach experience, providing children with a safe place to swim and play safely. Equipped with amenities such as restaurants and umbrellas, Dolcinium Beach makes for a pleasant beach visit experience.

Dolcinium Beach
Photo: Facebook page / Dolcinium Kite Surf Club

Nomad Beach

Nomad Beach in Ulcinj offers a unique beach experience for travelers, providing affordable restaurants with a relaxing atmosphere for an off-the-beaten-path beach experience.

Ada Bojana 

Ada Bojana has the shape of a triangle. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea on one side, and the Bojana River on the other. The beach faces the sea, is sandy and is about 3 km long.

The beach and seabed are covered with fine sand. 

The right arm of the Bojana River separates the island from the 13 km long Ulcinj Velika plaža. The nearest place is the settlement of Štoj, that is, the city of Ulcinj.

Ada Bojana beach

Ada Bojana is decorated with subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation, and some of the plant and animal species are unique in Europe. 

It is precisely the dense and lush vegetation that gives Ada the charm of the Amazon and, together with the unusual animal world, turns it into a special micro-ecological area. The back of the beach is made up of dunes, behind which there are unique habitats in the entire Mediterranean. 

The ornithological importance of Ada Bojana is primarily reflected in significant colonies of many species of nesting birds, among others: spoonbills, little white herons, grey herons, yellow herons, etc.

According to the local legend stories, when the ship “Merito” had a shipwreck around the 17th century, near two smaller islands. Over the years, river sediment was deposited on the wreck of this ship and the two nearby islets, which first formed the bank, and then the island. 

During Tito’s Yugoslavia, Ada was a military zone with a heavily guarded border. This meant that some of its parts remained completely undiscovered even today.


Kruche Beach in Ulcinj is an idyllic haven of calm waters and tranquillity. With clear water, surrounded by greenery, it’s an ideal destination for those in search of an alternative beach experience without crowds and noise. 

Kruche offers peaceful bathing experiences away from crowds.

Beach in Kruche, Ulcinj

Rocky beaches in Ulcinj

While Ulcinj is popular for its sandy beaches, it also has beautiful rocky beaches for those who enjoy different beaches and a calm atmosphere. 

These are the best rocky beaches in Ulcinj. 

Kristalna plaza

One of the most beautiful beaches in Ulcinj is the Kristalna plaza (Crystal Beach), which got its name from the almost transparent color of the sea. It offers silence, clean water and swimming on the rocks.


Ženska Plaža (Ladies Beach)

The Ladies Beach is small in the bay between Mala Beach and Long Beach in Ulcinj, surrounded by a pine forest and with springs of mineral sulfur water in the sea. 

CNN ranked it among the most beautiful nudist beaches in the world, and, interestingly, it is exclusive only for women. From May to October, men are prohibited from entering, and women from all over the world come for its miraculous effect.

The medicinal effects of the water in this area were discovered in the 20th century – the wealth of hydrogen sulfide, which saturates the water with a sulfur compound together with iodine, has a positive effect on the female reproductive system, and in the collision of greenish sulfur water and blue sea waves, ideal micro and macro molecules suitable for natural aerosol therapy. 

Ladies beach in Ulcinj, Zenska plaza
Photo: Facebook page/Apartman Djordje

The water is thicker on this beach, and you can feel it when swimming. In addition to water, the air spiced with the scent of pine trees is also healing, as is the mineral mud, which is excellent for exfoliating the skin.

Namely, swimming at Ladies Beach is recommended as part of therapy for the treatment of sterility and gynaecological, as well as skin diseases, and respiratory problems. The secret is precisely in the springs of healing sulfur water that mixes with the sea.


Not far from the old town of Ulcinj, in a small bay, it is located on Liman beach. The beach is small, but its clear water, pebbly sand and surroundings make this place ideal for rest and enjoyment throughout the day.

There is a bar on the beach, so you will be able to enjoy the furniture – sunbeds, umbrellas, and trampolines, which provide comfort to tourists. If you are a person looking for a peaceful vacation and relaxation on the beach, Liman is the right choice for you.

Liman 2

Liman 2 beach is located not far from the old town of Ulcinj, in a small but famous bay—a place of relaxation for many locals.

It has a parking lot and is accessible for vehicles. Clean seas and beautiful surroundings make this place ideal for rest and enjoyment during the summer months. On the beach, all the necessary facilities are provided – sunbeds, umbrellas, and if you wish, you can also have a massage.

Within the beach itself, there is a restaurant-pizzeria “Kliko” where you can refresh yourself with various drinks. All in all, Liman 2 provides complete comfort and relaxation for spending a day by the sea.

Albatros beach

Albatros Beach is located in a small bay of pine forest, between Hotel Albatros and the former Hotel Galeb. It is located at a distance of about 2 km from the Old Town of Ulcinj, going towards the Great Beach.

This rocky beach, located in a preserved natural environment of a pine forest, is known for its extremely clean and crystal clear seawater.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ulcinj, which offers peace and a complete experience of nature. It is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the peace, quiet and untouched beauty of the natural environment by the sea.

Surrounded by a pine forest and ennobled by a beautiful landscape, Albatros Beach is a real summer haven for body and soul rest.

Far beach

Far Beach is a rocky, stepped beach located in a series of beaches on the way to the Albatros Hotel in Ulcinj. Most of the beach is paved, which makes it easier to access and sunbathe.

Nature has created a wonderful environment for this beach, and the human hand has only slightly touched and refined it, leaving a view of the stunning seascape. Far Beach is equipped with sunbeds with special panels, wide umbrellas, as well as sanitary facilities with toilets, showers and a bar.

Thanks to this, along with a welcoming bar and well-known DJs who play favorite summer music, this beach attracts many visitors, both local and foreign guests. 

The specific beauty of the stepped appearance and the relaxing atmosphere make Far Beach a true summer paradise for enjoying the crystal clear sea and wonderful natural surroundings.

Aquarius beach

Aquarius White Beach is located in the most attractive part of Ulcinj and is the right place for rest and fun in the sun. It is easily accessible for all vehicles, with numerous parking lots nearby, some of which charge a daily fee. From the parking lot to the beach, you have to walk several hundred meters and descend about 15 meters in height.

The beach itself is divided into smaller parts – the main surface is concrete on rocks, and there are also wooden terraces on steel structures. Its total length is about 150, and its width is up to 40 meters. Access to the sea was possible by ladders, steps or jumping into the water.

What makes Aquarius White special is the combination of the natural environment of pine trees and grass with beach infrastructure – a bar and restaurant directly on the beach. The beach offers relaxation in a gentler atmosphere for those looking for peace, but also entertainment with the music of local and foreign DJs for those who want to have a good time.

Located near Mala Plaža, surrounded by a pine forest rich in iodine, this beach is a true paradise for people with respiratory problems. Aquarius White is a multi-attractive location – for rest, entertainment, enjoying the sea air and socializing with the many facilities it offers.

Ibiza beach

Ibiza Beach is a lively and energetic rocky beach in Ulcinj, named after the famous party island of Ibiza. It’s a popular destination for beach parties, music festivals, and beach sports.

Sapore di Mare

Sapore di Mare beach is close to the road to the village of Pinješ, not far from the “Mala” beach in Ulcinj. It is about 150 meters long and is surrounded by pine forests that give it a peaceful, family atmosphere.

As part of this beach, there is a restaurant of the same name that works seasonally. The restaurant is located on a protruding point of the sea ridge, so there is always a pleasant refreshing breeze that brings a subjective feeling of lower temperature.

Sapore di Mare is fully equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and sanitary facilities. Its wonderful bar and restaurant offer traditional and international cuisine, excellent seafood and barbecue specialities, soft drinks, salads and a variety of desserts.

What makes this beach particularly attractive is the wonderful view of the crystal clear sea from its lower part, with relaxing music that, in conjunction with preserved nature, provides unforgettable moments of enjoyment. Sapore di Mare is ideal for all those looking for peace and enjoyment in untouched natural beauty with numerous facilities and services right on the beach.

Skalista beach

Skalista Beach is a rocky beach in Ulcinj, offering a more rugged and adventurous beach experience. It’s a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and exploring the natural rock formations.

Valdanos Beach

Valdanos is true perl of Ulcinj. The beach is located in the bay of Valdanos, about 4-5 nautical miles northwest of Ulcinj, between the hills of Mavrijan and Mendra. 

This narrow horseshoe-shaped bay is surrounded by olive groves of exceptional age and value, some olive groves are over 2000 years old.

The beach itself is pebbly, about 400-800 meters long, covered with pebbles with a diameter of 1-20 cm. It is bordered on both sides by steep rocks that provide shelter from the winds. Precisely because of this shelter, the bay previously served as a haven for ships during storms.

One of the best beaches in Ulcinj - Valdanos
Photo: Facebook / Valdanos Beach

Exceptionally clean dark green sea and favorable winds for sailing further enrich the natural beauty of this beach. In the hinterland there are tourist bungalows and catering facilities distributed through an olive grove. The rocky parts on the edges are ideal for fishing, diving and exploring the underwater world.

Valdanos Beach has been declared a natural monument due to its preserved environment that provides a unique experience of peace, beauty and positive energy. It is the right place for various outdoor activities – walking, swimming, cycling or boating, and truly enjoying untouched nature far from the busy everyday life.

Kitesurf beaches in Ulcinj

Ulcinj is one of the most popular destinations for kitesurfing on the Adriatic, with several beaches offering ideal conditions for this exciting water sport.

Pacha surf

Pacha Surf Beach is located on Velika Beach in Ulcinj and is the right destination for relaxation, enjoyment and spending quality time in a pleasant international atmosphere.

What makes this beach particularly ideal for kitesurfing is its wide sandy shore without any pebbles or shells, waist-deep water and constant side winds blowing from the nearby Albanian Alps.

Pacha surf beach in Ulcinj

From May to September, thermal winds from the south blow in the early afternoon, usually 16 to 22 knots. This requires the use of kites of 9-12m2 size during the summer high season, or slightly larger than 12-15m2 during the pre- and post-season.

The very position of the beach ensures that kitesurfers are safe from bathers during windy periods of the day. In the morning, you can enjoy relaxing and exploring the beautiful surrounding nature, and when the favorable wind blows, start kitesurfing.

In addition to the sports content itself, Pacha Surf offers sun loungers, a beach bar with drinks, as well as a beach volleyball court. It is the right place for couples, groups, individuals and families – for rest, fun and first kitesurfing lessons combined with many other activities as desired.


Kiteloop Beach, although not as old as Ulcinj itself, was one of the first kitesurf locations and schools in this part of Europe. The club was founded in 2002, about a decade ago.

From the very beginning, Kiteloop has developed into the first professional kitesurf school in Ulcinj. All their instructors are carefully selected, have the appropriate certificates and teach according to the standards of the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).

Kiteloop beach

What is especially important to point out, Kiteloop is also the only IKO-accredited center and school in Montenegro. Since 2014, new kitesurfing instructors have been trained here to obtain the IKO certificate.

Many years of experience, professional staff and respect for the highest international standards in this area make Kiteloop the right destination for quality teaching and enjoyment of this exciting water sport on the unique beaches of Ulcinj.

Sandbox Kitesurf

Sandbox Kitesurf is a kitesurf beach in Ulcinj, known for its beginner-friendly conditions and excellent kitesurf school. It’s a great spot for those new to the sport or looking to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

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