How far is Budva from Podgorica

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The Montenegrin coast is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, with the charming old town of Budva being one of the highlights for many travelers. However, most flights arrive at the capital Podgorica, which is about 60 km away from Budva

For those hoping to explore Budva and see its beautiful beaches, medieval architecture, and lively nightlife, a common question is: How far is Budva from Podgorica?

Is it worth visiting Budva on a day trip from Podgorica?

At just 60 km between the two cities, or about a 1-hour drive, it’s very possible to visit Budva on a day trip from Podgorica

This allows you to experience the coastal town without needing to switch accommodations or settle in for too long. However, to make the most of your time, it’s wise to plan your day trip carefully.

Here are some tips for making a Budva day trip worthwhile:

  • Leave early – Get an early start to maximize your time in Budva. The drive only takes about an hour, but you’ll want to account for traffic, parking, etc.
  • Don’t overschedule – While it’s tempting to try and see it all, resist the urge. Focus on 2-3 key activities like strolling the old town, relaxing at the beach, or catching a boat tour. Rushing to squeeze it all in will only leave you stressed.
  • Have a flexible plan – Leave room for discovering cafés, wandering narrow alleys, and embracing the laidback Budva vibe. Don’t book every minute to experience this coastal retreat’s charm.
  • Stay for sunset – If possible, stay in Budva until early evening. Sunsets over the Adriatic Sea are stunning as the old town glows under the fading light. It’s a magical way to end your visit before heading back.

With the right pace and balance of activities, a day trip from Podgorica to Budva can be enriching. You’ll get a taste of coastal Montenegro while still resting your head in the capital.


Transportation from Podgorica to Budva

Reaching Budva from Podgorica is fairly straightforward given the short distance between them.
Here are some of the most common transport options:

  • Rental car – Hiring a car provides the most flexibility and ease for a day trip. The drive only takes about an hour via the M-2.2 highway. Rental cars are readily available in Podgorica through major agencies.
  • Private transfer – Many companies offer private transfers between Podgorica and Budva, which can be booked ahead of time. Prices are reasonable, especially if you have a group. This ensures door-to-door service.
  • Public bus – There are regular buses between Podgorica and Budva’s main bus station. Buses usually run at least every 30 minutes and take about 70 minutes. The cost is around €6.5 each way. While budget-friendly, the schedule is more limiting.
  • Tour – Joining a day tour takes the hassle out of planning. Tours pick you up in Podgorica, handle all Budva sightseeing and transportation, and drop you back off at your hotel. Prices start around €50 per person.
  • Taxi – Taxi can be hired for one-way or roundtrip service to Budva. The price depends on the company and the length of time needed. Expect to pay upwards of €30-40 each way. More expensive but allows a private ride.

No matter which option you choose, traveling from Podgorica to Budva for a day is easy. Just be strategic in planning your transportation and schedule to maximize your precious time on the coast.

Is it better to rent a car?

When deciding how to travel between Capital and Budva, renting a car in Podgorica is often the best choice if your budget allows it. Here are some of the major benefits of having your rental car for the day:

  • Flexibility – With your wheels, you can set your schedule, come and go as you please, and change plans on a whim. You don’t have to worry about bus timetables or tour groups.
  • Accessibility – A rental car allows you to reach sights that might be trickier to access by public transport like secluded beaches, viewpoints along the coast, or restaurants set away from the old town.
  • Convenience – Driving yourself means no waiting around for transfers or relying on taxis. You can come and go between Podgorica and Budva on your schedule.
  • Luggage room – Traveling with lots of luggage or gear is much easier in a rental car than navigating public buses or tours. You’ll have room for all your belongings.
  • Potential savings – For two or more people, a rental car can be cheaper than paying for individual bus tickets or tour fares.

While renting a car involves an upfront cost, the perks of a day trip make it worthwhile. You’ll have the freedom to fully customize your time in Budva without constraints or relying on others. Just be sure to get a rental with insurance, understand parking restrictions, and brush up on Montenegro road rules before driving!

Final words

Visiting Budva from Podgorica is easy to accomplish in a day, with the cities only 60 km or a one-hour drive apart.

Public buses, private transfers, tours, taxis, and rental cars make reaching Budva straightforward. However, renting a car often provides the best flexibility and experience.

By leaving early, focusing on top attractions, and staying for the sunset, a well-planned Budva day trip from Podgorica offers the perfect taste of Montenegro’s breathtaking coastline. The ease of access means there’s no reason to skip this charming destination on your Montenegrin getaw

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