Top 5 Places To Visit In Montenegro During Summer

Find top 5 Places To Visit In Montenegro this Summer

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The holiday season is just about to begin. Some have already planned their vacation and chosen their favorite destination. If you belong to a group of people who are not yet sure where to spend their summer holidays, they want to spend their vacation in a friendly environment, they are in love with the Adriatic and its coasts, our suggestion is to visit the following 5 places in Montenegro.

Top 5 places to visit in Montenegro

We are showing you some of the best places to visit during in Montenegro this summer. There’s no ranking to shows them in order, but this list should serve as a good place to start exploring Montenegro.


The greatest treasure that this sea destination can boast of today is the beach called “Blue Horizons”, which is characterized by exceptional natural beauty and turquoise-blue and clear sea.

The beach is sandy, and the ideal climatic conditions will make you return home full of positive energy from this place. Other beaches in Tivat that are also popular when it comes to tourists are Kukoljina, Beltane, Regina, and Seljanovo.

From Tivat to the old town of Kotor can be reached relatively quickly, in about ten minutes, while the distance to Herceg Novi by ferry is only 20 km. If you like a dynamic vacation and excursions, you can decide to visit these two very attractive coastal cities.

Tivat is one of the youngest towns in the Bay of Kotor and is the only town on the Montenegrin coast that has an airport, so it is accessible to tourists around the world. From Belgrade to Tivat can be reached by plane in less than an hour.

Lipa Cave near Cetinje

This is one of the tourist attractions that is the perfect trip for the whole family. Lipa (Lipska) Cave is one of the largest caves in Montenegro, with an impressive view and a wild ecosystem of passages and passages, creating for visitors the feeling that they have stepped on another planet.

If you like to explore caves, Lipa cave is a top place to visit in Montenegro

The Lipa Cave was the creator of its natural art, creating a complex, jovial and authentic form of cave decorations. Located near Cetinje, today is one of those sights of Montenegro that you must see if you are visiting our country.

The Lipa Cave offers a charming diversity of the underground world, completely different from what you encounter every day, thus allowing visitors to experience a unique experience of the authentic wilderness of the cave. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure and enjoy an exciting cave expedition.

Biograd (Biogradsko) lake near Kolasin

In the very center of Biogradska gora is, perhaps the most “romantic” Biogradsko lake. In winter, the lake is covered with thick ice, and deer and hinds walk on it. The area around the lake is landscaped, easily accessible, and is increasingly the target of tourists from the country and the world. Many experts, domestic and foreign, consider it the most beautiful lake on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a unique temple of nature.

Biogradsko lake is one of the top places to visit in Montenegro
Biogradsko lake is one of the top places to visit in Montenegro

The largest Montenegrin mountain lake lies in a deep trail of former glaciers, at an altitude of 1094 meters, and is fed by its crystal clear water by the Biogradska river and the Bendovac stream.

The lake is 1100 meters long and 410 meters wide, with an average depth of 4.5 meters, which makes it suitable for boating and enjoying the clean mountain air and amazing scenes of reflection of the surrounding mountains in the emerald color of the lake.

Tara River Canyon

Absolutely magnificent Tara bridge and Tara river canyon are places must visit in Montenegro

Rafting on the river Tara is one of the most popular adrenaline activities you can do in Montenegro. The Tara River forms a canyon at an incredible depth of 1300 meters, making it one of the deepest canyons in the world. The canyon “cuts” the mountainous area of the Durmitor National Park, allowing tourists a beautiful view from the river view.

The Tara River Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe.

When it comes to the sights of Montenegro, if you love nature, you can admire the canyon from a distance. Climbing to the top of the mountain Curevac, the view extends towards the beautiful natural creation of the river Tara, but be careful, because this view is surrounded by the walls of the canyon. In any case, the canyon of the river Tara is one of the most famous sights of Montenegro that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Prcanj in Boka Bay

The natural climatic health resort, which many still call an air spa, because of the air that is enriched with ions, is an ideal place for all those who have problems with frequent respiratory infections as well as sinuses. It is clear to everyone that this is Prcanj, the most beautiful bay in the Bay of Kotor. In addition to the healing sea currents, this coastal place is specific in that the water in the sea has been declared extremely clean (it has been assigned I and II category).

As for the beaches, they are small and in most places concrete. The most famous beach is Markov rt, which is only 1 km long and extends to Stoliv, which is adorned with a beautiful sandy beach.

Near Prcanj is the old town of Kotor which you should also visit if this summer you plan to stay in one of the hotels of this famous Montenegrin resort.

Perast a home of famous sailors

If you are a lover of history and art, and at the same time you are looking for a visit to a unique and impressive coastal city in many ways, then Perast is the right destination for you. It inherited its current appearance in the 18th century, so the entire maritime city was built in the Baroque style. Although only 350 locals live in the city, during your stay in Perast you can visit as many as 18 small churches. One of them is the church of St. Nicholas with a spectacular bell tower as high as 55 m.

Don't miss visiting Perast in Montenegro

This church is also the main symbol of this truly unreal town.

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From the coast, there is a fantastic view of the only artificial island in the Adriatic – Our Lady of Rock, which covers an area of more than 3000 m2.

As for the beach, it can be reached by going down the stairs. Since the town is all in stone, it is recommended for young married couples, but also for all those curious people who want to gain an unforgettable experience.

If you have not yet decided where you could spend the upcoming summer, visiting Montenegro is one of the great options.

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