Montenegro Sees Surge in Foreign Tourists in 2024

Sveti Stefan Aman beach in Montenegro

Montenegro has experienced a notable influx of foreign tourists in the first 5 months of 2024, with Serbia emerging as the top country of origin, according to the latest data from MONSTAT. 

The infographic highlights the top 10 countries contributing to Montenegro’s tourism boom from January to May 2024.

Leading Countries Visiting Montenegro in 2024

  1. Serbia: Topping the list, Serbian tourists accounted for 11.8% of all foreign visitors, underscoring the strong cultural and historical ties between the two nations.
  2. Germany: German tourists represented 9.7% of the total, making Germany the second-largest source of foreign visitors. This marks a significant interest from Central Europe in Montenegro’s scenic landscapes and coastal allure.
  3. Turkey: Turkish tourists made up 8.6% of the international arrivals, reflecting growing connectivity and interest between the two countries.
Montenegro Sees Surge in Foreign Tourists in 2024, official data from Monstat
Source: Monstat

Other Major Contributors

  • France: With 7.4%, France holds the fourth position, indicating a steady stream of visitors from Western Europe.
  • United Kingdom: British tourists comprised 7.0% of the total, showing that Montenegro remains a popular destination for travelers from the UK.
  • China: China contributed 5.2% of the foreign tourist arrivals, showcasing a growing appeal to Asian markets.
  • Albania: Close neighbour Albania accounted for 4.6%, highlighting regional travel trends.
  • Russia: Despite various geopolitical factors, Russia still made the list with 3.5% of tourists.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH): BiH citizens formed 3.3% of the visitor base, emphasizing strong regional tourism ties.
  • Israel: Rounding out the top ten, Israeli tourists constituted 3.2% of the arrivals, reflecting increasing Middle Eastern interest.

Tourism Impact on Montenegro

The data underscores Montenegro’s growing appeal as a travel destination, attracting diverse tourists from Europe, Asia, and beyond. This surge is likely bolstered by the country’s rich cultural heritage, picturesque coastlines, and proactive tourism strategies.

Montenegro’s ability to draw visitors from various parts of the world boosts its economy and enriches its cultural tapestry, as tourists bring in a mix of traditions and global perspectives.

Future Outlook

With the summer season ahead, Montenegro is poised to continue its upward trajectory in tourism. The country’s efforts to enhance infrastructure, promote sustainable tourism, and offer unique travel experiences will be key to maintaining this positive trend.

The MONSTAT report provides a promising glimpse into the robust state of Montenegro’s tourism sector and its pivotal role in the country’s economic growth. As Montenegro continues to captivate the world with its charm, the future of its tourism industry looks bright.

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