Churches in Kotor: A Comprehensive Guide

Churches in Kotor: A Comprehensive Guide

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Kotor is a beautiful old town situated along the winding cobblestone streets of Boka Bay. This medieval walled city dates back to the 12th century and is filled with Venetian architecture and historic churches

If you’re traveling to Kotor, be sure to check out some of Kotor’s most iconic churches. In this guide, we’ll highlight the all churches in Kotor you don’t want to miss!

The St. Tryphon Cathedral

The most famous church in Kotor is the St. Tryphon Cathedral located on Kotor’s main square. 

St. Tryphon Cathedral in Kotor Boka Bay

Built originally in 1166, the cathedral was named after the patron saint of the city, St. Tryphon. This Roman Catholic church has been rebuilt and restored numerous times over the centuries after being damaged by earthquakes. 

The current cathedral has both Romanesque and Baroque architecture with tall twin towers that dominate the skyline. The interior has ornate gold decorations, vibrant frescoes, and an impressive iconostasis. 

Don’t forget to view the remains of St. Tryphon which are housed in a sarcophagus behind the altar.

The St. Mary Collegiate Church

Another historic Roman Catholic church is the St. Mary Collegiate Church which was built in 1221. Located just north of the main square, this church has a stunning facade decorated with Romanesque Lombard architecture. 

Inside you’ll find a single nave layout with remnants of medieval frescoes on the walls and ceiling. Of particular note is the captivating Byzantine-style gold iconostasis at the front of the church. Be sure to take in the tranquil serenity of this lesser-visited church.

The Church of Our Lady of Remedy

Roman Catholic church worth visiting is the Church of Our Lady of Remedy, located just north of the main square. This small church was built in the 1518 to honor the Virgin Mary for ending a plague epidemic in Kotor. It is a part of Roman Catholic Diocese of Kotor.

If you would like to visit Church of Our Lady of Remedy prepare for climbing up stairs with over 650 steps.

The Baroque facade features ornate stone decoration and columns while inside you’ll find lavish golden ornamentation on the altar and ceilings. Don’t miss the 16th century painting of the Virgin Mary attributed to Renaissance painter Tizianello, with its vivid colors and lifelike depiction. Though small in size, Our Lady of Remedy has significant history as a church giving thanks for the city’s perseverance through difficult times.

Church of Our Lady of Remedy in Kotor

The St. Anne’s Church

For a small and quaint church in Kotor Old Town, head over to St. Anne’s Church in the Grgurina district. Originally built in the 9th century, it is one of the oldest churches within the city walls. 

This charming Romanesque church has undergone renovations but still retains its simple and rustic feel. Walk up the stone steps to view the basic interior with its altar, hanging chandeliers, and several icons. 

Don’t forget to check out the small fenced garden courtyard outside, blooming with bougainvillea.

The St. Paul’s Church

On the outskirts of the old town near the north gate, you’ll find St. Paul’s Church. Constructed in the 13th century, this Serbian Orthodox church has both Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. Tall and imposing from the outside, the minimal nave inside is home to over 2,000 silver votive plaques. Make sure to view the ornate gold iconostasis screen along with the many icons and frescoes from the 14th to 17th centuries.

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The St. Nicholas’ Church

For stunning panoramic views of the bay, visit the small St. Nicholas’ Church perched high on the hill overlooking the city. Dating back to the 12th century, this diminutive Romanesque church features charming stone architecture and tranquil surroundings. 

Inside, find a modest nave and a highly-ornate baroque style iconostasis covered in elaborate woodcarvings and gold detailing. Make the trek up the stone steps behind the church to take in the sweeping vistas from this elevated lookout point.

The St. Clara Monastery and Church

Just south of the old town lies the impressive St. Clara Monastery and Church. These date back to 1654 when they were constructed to house a community of Clarissan nuns. The unusual oval layout of the monastery surrounds a central courtyard garden which can be viewed from above through narrow slits. Inside the monastic church is a magnificently vivid Byzantine-style iconostasis showcasing saints, angels, and religious scenes. Be sure to admire the brilliant gold accents, bold colors, and ornamental wood carvings.

The Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

One of the most important Serbian Orthodox churches in Kotor is the Church of St. Nicholas located just outside the main gates. Originally constructed in 1909, it has ornate Neo-Byzantine architecture and 5 grand domes topped with bright blue ogee roofs. The impressive gilded iconostasis inside has three sections and is covered in elaborate columns, arches, and icons. Be sure to view the priceless 15th-century icons as well as the extravagantly carved wood bishop’s throne.

The Church of Our Lady of Health

On a small island in the bay outside the city walls lies the iconic Our Lady of Health dating back to 1470. This historic Catholic church can only be reached by a narrow stone causeway teeming with seagulls. The multi-domed stone exterior is accentuated by a charming front porch and bell tower. Inside, find striking Baroque ornamentation with a highly decorated altar and red marble columns. Make sure to savor the peaceful lake views from the adjacent terrace.

The Church of St. Luke

Back inside the old city walls in Dobrota, stop by the small but impressive Church of St. Luke. Built in 1195, it showcases Romanesque architecture including decorative Lombard bands along the facade. While modest on the outside, the interior is elaborately adorned with vivid Byzantine frescoes from the 15th century. Don’t miss the fascinating fresco near the entrance depicting a figure in medieval garb thought to be the church’s patron.

The Church of St. Michael

Just up the hill from Dobrota lies The Church of St. Michael, originally constructed in 800 A.D. as a pre-Romanesque church. Rebuilt over the centuries, today it houses captivating Byzantine-era frescoes as well as Roman floor mosaics. The interior is sectioned into 3 compact naves embellished with detailed religious imagery, gilded icons, and intricate wood carvings around the altar. Make the scenic hike up to this historic church for phenomenal views above the sea and surrounding landscape.

Churches in Kotor

With over 12 churches within its old town walls and surroundinghillsides, Kotor offers incredible diversity and historic appeal for visitors interested in religious architecture and art. Which of these stunning churches will you visit first when exploring Kotor?

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