The Best Beaches In Kotor For 2024

Discover the best beaches in Kotor, Montenegro

If you are on a holiday in Montenegro, and heading to Kotor, in most cases during summer you want to enjoy a day on a beach. However, Kotor doesn’t have many beaches like Tivat or Budva. But it has some of the best beaches in Montenegro.

While Kotor is famed for its dramatic natural scenery and historic architecture, this charming seaside destination also boasts some of the country’s best beaches. From secluded pebble coves to lively sandy shores, Kotor has a beach to suit every taste.

We’ll showcase the best beaches in Kotor, providing travelers with an insider’s guide to these stunning stretches of the Boka coastline. Whether you’re looking to relax on a quiet beach or join the lively scene at Kotor’s most popular swimming spots, you’re sure to find a perfect beach for soaking up the Mediterranean sun and sea.

Top Beaches in Kotor

When it comes to beaches in Kotor, Montenegro, you’re spoiled for choice. This historic town is home to a picturesque coastline dotted with various beach options to explore. 

Here are some of the most popular Kotor beaches that you must visit.

Bajova Kula Beach

One of the top beaches in Kotor Bay, Bajova Kula Beach boasts postcard-perfect views. This pebble beach features the iconic sight of Our Lady of the Rocks island floating on the calm blue waters of the bay. 

Bajova Kula Beach

Thanks to its protected location in Kotor Bay, the water at Bajova Kula Beach remains shallow, making it suitable for families. Local food stalls and restaurants line the beach, while lounge chairs and umbrellas can be rented for a relaxing beach day. With its easy accessibility and incredible views, it’s no wonder Bajova Kula is considered one of Kotor’s best beaches.

Donji Orahovac

Located between the famous Grgur and Dobrota beaches, Donji Orahovac is a quieter beach option away from Kotor’s largest crowds. The clear blue-green waters remain shallow and far from shore, making Donji Orahovac a great swimming spot for families.

Unlike Kotor’s pebble beaches, Donji Orahovac features finer gravel and sand. Visitors can enjoy amenities like beach chairs, paddle boards, and a small beach bar. With its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful setting overlooking the Kotor Fjord, Donji Orahovac is a relaxing choice for a beach day near Kotor.

Dobrota beach

The longest and arguably most popular beach in Kotor Bay, Dobrota draws crowds who enjoy its lively atmosphere. This 1.5-kilometer pebble beach provides gorgeous vistas of Kotor Bay and the surrounding mountains. Beach lovers will find amenities like lounge chairs, umbrellas, and jet skis for rent.

Beach in Dobrota Kotor
Galebova Stijena beach in Kotor

Swimming areas are sectioned off with floats, creating a protected space for children to swim safely. Dobrota Beach’s clear waters also make it a prime spot for snorkeling. Beach bars and restaurants line the seaside promenade, ranging from casual bites to upscale dining. With its convenient location and vibrant energy, Dobrota is undoubtedly one of the best Kotor beaches.

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Galebova Stijena

Translating to “Seagull Rocks,” this protected swimming area near Kotor provides a relaxing atmosphere away from the busier beaches. Galebova Stijena features a pebble shoreline with crystalline blue waters—ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Galebova stijena beach in Kotor

Amenities include lounge chair and umbrella rentals, paddle boards, and a small beach bar. Due to its secluded cove location, the beach only gets crowded during peak seasons. Nature lovers will also enjoy the hiking trail above the beach, offering panoramic views of Kotor Bay. For those seeking a peaceful beach experience near town, Galebova Stijena is a great option.

Casa del Mare Beach

Attached to the luxurious Casa del Mare boutique hotel, this private pebble beach provides first-class amenities and service. While open to the public, Casa del Mare Beach offers an upscale experience in a more secluded setting. It is considered as one of the best beaches in Kotor.

Casa del Mare is one of the best beaches in Kotor

Beach attendants provide complimentary amenities like lounge chairs, towels, and bottled water. Guests can also order food and drinks from the beachfront bar and restaurant. The beach offers stunning views of Saint Nicholas Island set against the mountains. Visitors seeking a luxurious beach day with privacy should check out Casa del Mare.

Huma Beach

Dobrota is home to Huma Beach, which charms visitors with its beautiful setting and tranquil atmosphere. This small pebble beach features loungers and umbrellas for rent, with a relaxed café nearby. As well one of the best beaches in Kotor, with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Huma is the best beach in Kotor

Huma Beach enjoys protection from waves and currents, making it a safe spot for families with small children. Local vendors stroll by, selling fresh fruits and street food. Guests can also rent stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. With fewer crowds and a laidback vibe, Huma Beach offers the perfect escape.

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Does Kotor Montenegro Have a Beach?

With Montenegro boasting over 72 miles of coastline, you may be wondering if the picturesque town of Kotor has access to beaches. The good news is that Kotor provides plenty of beach options to enjoy, thanks to its prime location along the Bay of Kotor leading into the Adriatic Sea.

Kotor beaches primarily consist of pebble beaches, typical of the Boka Bay. While they lack stretches of sandy beach, Kotor makes up for it with numerous pebble and stone coves tucked into the coastal inlets surrounding the town. Wander just minutes outside the medieval walls, and you’ll find piers lined with small beaches and swimming areas with stunning backdrop views of the bay.

The most popular beach option directly near Kotor Bay is Dobrota Beach, spanning over a mile in length. Other favorite Kotor beaches include Donji Orahovac, Huma, and the small cove beaches dotting the walk to Perast. With many beach clubs, restaurants, and public access points, visitors can easily enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea during a trip to Kotor.

Where Can You Swim in Kotor Montenegro?

While Kotor might lack long sandy beaches within the city itself, the good news is that wonderful swimming and beach opportunities abound just minutes away along the bay. 

With the bay’s calm waters and several protected coves, Kotor provides many scenic spots for enjoying the Adriatic through activities like swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, or kayaking. Don’t miss out on the memorable experience of swimming in beautiful Kotor Bay!

Can You Snorkel in Kotor?

With its clear turquoise waters and abundance of marine life, Kotor Bay offers exciting snorkeling opportunities for adventurous travelers. Many head to popular snorkeling spots just outside Kotor like Žanjić Beach or Blue Cave to spot fascinating creatures beneath the sea.

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Within Kotor itself, Dobrota Beach provides an excellent place for snorkeling within the protected swimming zone. Here you can spot species like sponges, sea stars, moray eels, crabs, and schools of fish including sea breams and wrasses. 

Other great spots include the small beaches near the Mamula Island end of Dobrota or along the shoreline path to Perast.

Several companies in Kotor offer snorkeling excursions taking you to prime spots around the bay. A boat tour enables you to reach sites like the Lipci underwater reef, home to beautiful coral and plentiful marine life. Many tours also provide snorkeling equipment and guidance for beginners.

While stronger currents exist further out in the Adriatic, Kotor Bay offers more protected conditions perfect for snorkeling. Just be sure to wear a wetsuit during colder months! With amazing visibility and so much to discover beneath the surface, snorkeling around Kotor is an adventure not to be missed.

Are There Dolphins in Kotor?

Many visitors are thrilled to learn that Kotor Bay provides an excellent habitat for pods of dolphins that call the area home. Two main species can be spotted within the bay and nearby Adriatic waters—bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. 

With over 150 bottlenose dolphins identified as permanent residents, your chances of encountering these amazing creatures around Kotor are high.

Several operators offer boat excursions that provide opportunities to swim with dolphins in their natural environment. On these trips, guides locate pods of dolphins frolicking and feeding within the bay using underwater microphones. 

They then allow small groups to slip into the water for an unforgettable up-close experience.

Many of these dolphin encounter tours operate out of the nearby Tivat Bay, home to larger pods residing in the bay. While not guaranteed, visitors report frequent dolphin sightings on tours leaving from Kotor as well.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to catch a glimpse from shore, head to Vrmac Hill overlooking the mouth of the bay right at sunset—this vantage point lets you spot dolphins chasing fish as they return from deeper waters to the safety of the bay to rest at night.

With plenty of fish, readily available prey, and protected waters, Kotor Bay provides an ideal habitat that the area’s dolphin pods appear to greatly favor. So set your sights on getting a glimpse of these intelligent creatures displaying their amazing natural abilities during your next visit to Montenegro’s stunning Kotor Bay region.

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