Podgorica Airport TGD near Golubovci

Podgorica airport also known as Golubovci airport or with shortcode TGD is the main airport in Montenegro. It’s 10 min away from the Montenegro capital Podgorica. The road from Podgorica to Golubovci Airport is very good, it’s a boulevard with speed limits (80 km/h). 

Golubovci Airport Podgorica

To comply with the formalities related to the flight registration at the Podgorica Airport (TGD) and to pass all the controls before arriving at the appropriate gate for the flight, it is necessary to arrive on time. Golubovci airport is not responsible if you are unable to board your flight due to late arrival.

You need to be at the Airport Podgorica no later than 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft.

Passenger registration desks at the Airport open 120 minutes and close 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft.

The closing time of the counter can be more restrictive depending on the airline, class, overbooked seats on the flight, etc.

The map of the Podgorica airport

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Check-in Process

The process of the check-in at the airport of Podgorica TGD

Airport Data

  • IATA Code:   TGD
  • ICAO Code:   LYPG
  • Latitude:   42.359N
  • Longitude:   -19.251W
  • Time:   UTC+1
  • Runway:   2500m / 8200ft (Paved)
  • Elevation:   122ft
  • RFF/ARFF:   Cat 6
  • De-ice:   No
  • Fuel availability:   Jet
  • Hours of operation:   Tower: 24hrs
  • Customs:    Yes; Tel: +382 20 442 000
  • Immigration:    Yes; Tel: +382 20 224 867
  • ATC Tel:   +382 20 414 024
  • ATC Fax:   +382 20 414 030

Airport Podgorica on the map

Contact information

  • Airports of Montenegro
  • Telephone:   +382 20 44 4222
  • Fax:   +382 20 44 4221
  • Email:   info@@apm.co.me
  • Web:   www.montenegroairports.com

Podgorica Airport Code

Podgorica airport code is TGD.

Podgorica airport timetable

Please find here the Podgorica airport airline timetable. 

Podgorica Airport Parking

For all passengers and visitors, in front of the passenger building of the airport in Podgorica, a lighted parking space with 213 spaces and 10 spaces for buses is provided. In the first line of parking, opposite the departures, immediately after passing the entrance ramp, there are 4 marked parking spaces intended for passengers with special needs.

Parking prices

There is no charge for the first 15 minutes of parking. 

  • Passenger vehicle (per hour up to 24 hours) €1.00
  • Bus (per hour up to 24 hours) €5.00
  • Truck (per hour up to 24 hours) €5.00
  • Bed fee (per day for each day started) €6.00
  • The penalty for a lost parking ticket is €30.00
  • The monthly rent per parking position is €60.50

Podgorica Airport Car Rental

Airports are very popular places for car rentals. It’s very common to rent a car at Podgorica airport after you land. Especially because the airport in Podgorica is not big, you can easily reach points where are car rental companies. 

There are two ways to use Podgorica airport car rentals:

  1. Prebook a car rental deal before arrival, your rent a car manager will wait for you at the airport with the key to your car. 
  2. To make a deal for renting a car at the airport desk for rental companies. This can take you around of hour of your time. So, we recommend you book a car before arrival.

Below is the list of the best rent a car in Podgorica airport:


  • Discovercars
  • Sixt
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Europa

Local companies 

  • Tara-Car rent a car Podgorica
  • Respecta car
  • Mtel rent a car
  • Delta car

Bus from Podgorica Airport to Kotor

There is no direct bus line from airport Podgorica to Kotor. You will need first to go to the main bus station, then take a bus to Kotor. See how to get to the bus station from the airport

Podgorica bus station to the airport

No public direct shuttle bus from the airport to the bus station. You will need to take a taxi or go to the airport train station.

Podgorica airport train station

The train station is 20 min walking distance from the airport. It is easy to reach it, see on the map below. There is no option to buy a ticket before arrival. You can buy it at the station. The ticket is very cheap – 1.2 €.

The train station in 20 min walking distance from the airport Podgorica.

Trains run every day from 6AM to 9PM on an hourly basis. Detail schedule sees on the official website of Montenegro Railway.

Bus from Podgorica airport to Tirana and Shkoder 

There are no public buses from the airport to Tirana or Shkoder. 

Bus from Podgorica airport to Budva

There is no direct bus from the airport Podgorica to Budva. You will need first to go to the main bus station, then take a bus to Budva. See how to get to the bus station from the airport.

Airport Taxi

For more flexible travel, we highly recommend a taxi service. Check prices below.

  • to Podgorice    12,00 €
  • to Cetinja    30,00 €
  • to Bar    30,00 €
  • to Budve    45,00 €
  • to Kotora    55,00 €
  • to Tivta    70,00 €
  • to Herceg Novog    100,00 €
  • to Ulcinja    65,00 €
  • to Kolašina    70,00 €
  • to Plava    150,00 €
  • to Žabljaka    100,00 €
  • to Bijelog Polja    100,00 €
  • to Pljevalja    140,00 €
  • to Skadra    50,00 €
  • to Tirane    140,00 €
  • to Dubrovnika    140,00 €

Note: Keep in mind, that taxi prices these days change on weekly basis due to fuel price changes.

Hotels near Podgorica airport

If you arrived at the airport and need accommodation for the same reason close to the airport. We can recommend the best and cheapest hotels near Podgorica airport

The best hotels near Podgorica airport

In the area near the airport, you can find only one hotel. All other accommodations are hostels or private apartments.  

The hotel is Aria. Hotel Aria is a very nice hotel with a restaurant and an outside pool. You can check prices here.

Find the list of all recommended hotels in Podgorica.

Cheap accommodation near Podgorica airport

Other types of accommodation you can find near the airport. They are very cheap. Check prices here.

Hostels in Podgorica

Podgorica has a few very nice hostels. You can check it here.

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