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podgorica city parks

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Podgorica is one of Europe’s greenest cities, it retains its greenery largely due to its green past. 

Podgorica may not be the most beautiful Capital city in Europe, but it’s largely covered with greenery and city parks. With more than 12 city parks Podgorica is definitely one of the leading European Capitals on the green list. 

Rest and relaxation can be found in the Podgorica city parks, beautifully landscaped and well-maintained. Njegosev, Karadjordjev Park, and Kraljev Park (Kindg’s Park) are the oldest, and Park Djordje Balasevic is the newest. 

Podgorica City Parks

Podgorica has lots of gorgeous city parks that can be compared with any city park in the world. The most beautiful are these:

Njegosev Park

One of the oldest city parks in Podgorica is Njegosev park. It got the name of the most famous Montenegrin poet and Prince-Bishop (Vladika) of Montenegro – Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The big statue of Njegos is in the middle of the park.

Located on one bank of the river Moraca, this park is an oasis in the middle of the city center, allowing locals and travelers alike to enjoy Podgorica’s many sunny days.

Despite the many people passing through it via the famous bridge of Gazela, the area remains very private and tranquil. During the scorching summer months, the benches and lush vegetation make it a haven.

Since the river Moraca flows right through the park, you can also relax on its stony banks, or if you are brave enough, even go swimming. River Moraca is very cold, even during the hot summer days, the water temperature does not exceed 18 degrees Celsius.

Along with the many banks in the park, you can also find a famous basketball court, where members of the most popular Montenegrin basketball team Buducnost practice and play in the summer.

In 2022 a new promenade is made on the bank of Moraca following the Njegosev park.

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Gorica Forest Park

Gorica Forest Park or Gorica Hill is the most popular park and recreational area in Podgorica. It’s located in the heart of the Capital.

Gorica Forest Park in Podgorica

Gorica is a forest park that has always been used for walking and recreation of people in nature. People from various sports-recreational and professional disciplines use Gorica to acquire physical fitness in recent years.

There is a church in the forest that is one of the oldest in Montenegro, constructed before 900 – it is also the oldest operating church in the country, which is why locals refer to it as a church with a spirit.

In Gorica, there is a monumental memorial complex – Monument to the Partisan Fighter. It was inaugurated in 1957.

The monument is a mausoleum. It contains the remains of 66 national heroes of the NOR (1941-45) and 2 revolutionaries. Nevertheless, since all those killed in Montenegro are commemorated in the monument’s interior, it also serves as a memorial to all the suffering in the NOR. The white stone is used throughout the monument, giving it a monolithic and monumental appearance.

There are two popular cafés, at the beginning of the forest – Club Bocari and a café at the adventure park near the monument of the Partisan Fighter. Both are very popular during spring and summer days.

The adventure park Gorica has worked in the last few years. It’s suitable for children as well.

Ljubovic Forest Park

Ljubovic Forest Park and the hill is the second hill in the city. It’s a remarkable palace for locals. It has a picnic area, hiking and biking trails, and a road running track. Not only that, but it is 15 minutes away from the city center, train, and bus station. Nearby are popular hotels in Podgorica and residential areas.

Karadjordjev Park

Karadjordjev Park is one of the oldest in Podgorica, opened in 1927. It’s named after the rulers of Serbia and the founder of the Karadjordjevic dynasty. It’s located next to the Hotel Hilton.

In the central part of the park is a bin statue of Karadjordje.

The park is one of many you can relax and spend a pleasant time in the shade of trees.

Kraljev Park (King’s Park)

King's Nikola Park in Podgorica

The King’s Park in Podgorica originally was opened back in 1910 to honor the coronation of King Nikola I Petrovic. It is now a cozy, green space where visitors can marvel at a variety of interesting sculptures and statues.

The majority of these works are dedicated to Montenegrin social figures, such as Bozidar Vukovic, and to Azerbaijani poet Husein Dzavid.

And, of course, statue of King Nikola.

Statue of Kind Nikola in the Kraljev park in Podgorica
Statue of King Nikola I Petrovic

It is especially romantic to walk through the park late at night when the fountain’s central stone is illuminated with colors.

Note: The Kings Park is recreated in 2013 with the support donation of the Azerbaijan government. 

Millennium Park

There is almost no better place in the city to enjoy the natural beauty of Podgorica than this riverside park. Sitting on the right side of the River Moraca, the park is a perfect palace for walking. Three bridges (Millennium, Moskva and Gazela) connect this green area with Njegosev park and the city center.

Millennium park in Podgorica
Millennium Park at night in Podgorica

This park offers an excellent view over the river Moraca and bridge Millennium.

Park Djordja Balasevica Blok 5

Close to Foter Park Tolosi, you can enjoy the beautiful park of Djordje Balasevic. The park got its name from the popular Serbian singer Djordje Balasevic, who passed away in February 2021. In the entire park are displayed lyrics from songs of Balasevic.

The park has lots of benches, it’s suitable for children as well. Since the University of Montenegro is within walking distance of the park, many students spend afternoons here.

Park Forest Zlatica

Outdoor and running lovers will enjoy and love this place as well. The 2.5 km long trim track in Podgorica is set in a picturesque pine forest, next to the field for indoor soccer and other sports. It’s located in the residential area Zlatica, 3 kilometers from the city center.

Zlatica Park is home to many professional athletes in Podgorica.

Park Forest Tolosi

Surroundings by pine trees Forest Park Tolosi is the most popular running track in the city. In the summer of 2021, the second part of the park is open. If you get up early in the morning on the track you can see many people practicing yoga, running, martial arts, street workouts, etc. The park is well-maintained by local authorities. Always open to locals and travelers.

In the heart of the park is a small coffee shop where people can refresh.

Forest Park Petrovic Krusevac

The complex Palace Krusevac is a former winter castle of King Nikola I Petrovic. During the summer months, the Forest Park Petrovic is a popular spot for art and exhibitions for citizens of the city.  There is also a church dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius.

The 19th-century castle today is a unique Montenegro Contemporary Art Center. There is also Perjanicki dom, another gallery center, in the heart of a beautiful forest park with interesting sculptures. 

Opening hours for the Montenegro Contemporary Art Center and Perjanicki Dom are Monday – Friday 8h-20h and Saturday 10h-14h. 

Djeciji Park (Children’s Park)

Surrounding one side with Park Petrovic and on another side with the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Djeciji Park (Children’s Park) is a fantastic place for kids and a unique playground in Podgorica. Under the shade of tall and dense trees, children play during spring and summer days.

At the gates of the park, you will see a monument of Queen Jelena Savojska.

A monument to Montenegrin princess and Italian queen Jelena Savojska was unveiled in May 2021.

Park Novi Grad 

Park Novi Grad is a small park next to the public city pool and sports center, Moraca. During winter, there is an ice skating rink. The park is 5 minutes away from Njegosev Park.

Park and Recreation Zone 13 July

Built two years ago in the forest in Zabjelom, Park and Recreation Zone 13 July is one of the most popular green areas in this part of Podgorica. It has everything one family needs – kids zone, a running track of 400 meters, an open gym, a basketball court, table tennis, two tennis courts, etc. It has huge free parking.

Park 13 July in Podgorica on Zabjelo
Park and Recreation Zone 13 July, Zabjelo

What is the Famous Park in Podgorica?

The most popular park in Podgorica is Njegosev park. It’s located on the left bank of river Moraca, between Millennium bridge and the bridge of Blazo Jovanovic.

Final Thoughts on Parks in Podgorica

In terms of greenery and city parks, Podgorica can compete with any capital in Europe. As someone who enjoys greenery and spending time in parks, I can attest to how beneficial green areas are in cities today.

According to how many parks it has and how well maintained it is, Podgorica is the richest city in Montenegro. If you like spending time in city parks or just enjoy sitting under a tree in the shade, Podgorica is a good place for you. Majority of the parks has a free WiFi connection provided by Telekom.

Free WiFi in the city parks in Podgorica
Free WiFi in the city parks in Podgorica

There are also numerous smaller and less popular city parks in Podgorica, such as University Park, Central Park on Pobrezje, Presernov park, and many others.

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