10 Best Things To Do in Tivat, Montenegro

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Tucked away on Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline lies the picturesque town of Tivat. This hidden gem has so much natural beauty, rich history, delicious cuisine, and exciting activities to offer. As a traveler always looking for unique destinations, and Montenegro is a good holiday destination. I was keen to explore Tivat and the seaside town. 

After spending a wonderful week discovering Tivat, here are my top 10 recommendations on how to make the most of your trip. Hope you will enjoy reading my list of the 10 best things to do in Tivat Montenegro.

Visit Porto Montenegro

At the top of my list is spending time at Porto Montenegro, Tivat’s luxurious superyacht marina and residential village. As I strolled along the shiny white yachts docked in the sparkling blue harbor, I truly felt like I was in the Mediterranean version of Monaco. 

The upscale shops, restaurants, and caf├ęs overlooking the water created such an elegant, ritzy vibe. I loved relaxing with a glass of Montenegrin Vranac wine while watching the sunset over the harbor. Don’t miss taking a boat taxi to zip across the bay in minutes. 

Porto Montenegro also has a world-class Regent Hotel and beautiful residential homes if you really want to live a luxury life during your stay.

Explore the Stunning Tivat Beaches

With its location right along the Bay of Kotor, Tivat is blessed with incredibly scenic beaches that I just had to spend time discovering. My favorite was Pine, it’s one of the best beaches in Tivat with its unspoiled fine sand and crystal clear shallow waters. I went both in the morning to beat the crowds and in the evening to catch the sunset. 

The majestic views of the open sea and hilly backdrop made it picture-perfect. If you’re looking for amenities, check out Plavi Horizonti Beach which has lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a happening beach club. 

For a quieter experience, Oblatno Beach is set away from the town center with more seclusion. The stunning turquoise waters and mountainous views easily rivaled the best beaches I’ve seen in the Greek islands.

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Discover the Medieval Charm of St. Marko Island

One of my favorite adventures in Tivat was taking a short ferry ride to the quaint St. Marko Island. Stepping onto the island felt like I was transported back in time to a medieval Mediterranean village. As I climbed uphill along the stone streets, the island’s 15th-century St. Marko Church came into view with its red-tiled roof and fortified walls. 

I wandered through the atmospheric alleys and explored the centuries-old Venetian salt warehouses now converted into art galleries and shops. 

Up on the highest point, the view looking out onto the glistening sea was magnificent. While the island is small, its old-world charm and untouched beauty made it a highlight.

Enjoy a Boat Trip Around the Bay of Kotor

To fully appreciate Tivat’s seaside location, I knew I had to get out on the water. Some of my best memories were charter boat trips I took around the Bay of Kotor to really soak in the scenery from an optimal vantage point. 

Cruising along, I was able to gaze at the striking mountains jutting sharply up from the bay’s calm blue waters. We passed by historic maritime villages and paused to swim in secluded coves. The boat captain also took us to discover the dazzling Our Lady of the Rocks island with its picturesque church. 

If you have a full day, boat tours can head down the coast all the way to the UNESCO town of Kotor which is breathtaking. A bay cruise is an absolute must-do.

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Try Local Cuisine at the Tivat Waterfront Promenade

No trip is complete without savoring the destination’s food scene. In Tivat, the main waterfront promenade lined with restaurants is the perfect place to dive into Montenegrin cuisine. I tried fresh grilled fish served whole for dinner along the harbor as yachts floated by. 

For lunch, locals recommended the Bajo Pizzeria, where I devoured delicious wood-fired pizza on their outdoor patio. I also made sure to sample local specialties like Njegusi prosciutto, Cevapi sausages, and Burek pastry stuffed with cheese. 

There’s nothing better than grazing on Mediterranean meals by the sea. With so many excellent dining choices, Tivat’s tasty cuisine surely satisfied my palate.

Explore the Naval Heritage Collection at the Maritime Museum

Having an interest in maritime history, I knew I had to visit Tivat’s Maritime Museum. The museum is housed in an early 19th-century Austro-Hungarian naval arsenal which was fascinating to walk through. 

The comprehensive exhibits trace the naval history of the Bay of Kotor and Montenegro all the way from ancient times through World War II. I was able to climb aboard historical ships and see how sailors lived centuries ago. 

The massive P-33 submarine docked outside was incredibly impressive to explore. As a history buff, I appreciated that Tivat had this excellent naval museum to discover more about the region.

Hike up the Vrmac Ridge for Breathtaking Views

For some active outdoor time, I hiked up Vrmac Ridge stretching steeply above Tivat. The moderate to strenuous trail climbs 850 meters up the limestone peak to reach sweeping panoramas at the top. 

As I hiked higher, the views became more and more jaw-dropping. Gazing out at the sparkling Adriatic Sea, with the green mountain slopes all around, was incredibly scenic.

The ridge hike allowed me to fully appreciate Tivat’s unique position surrounded by sea and mountains. 

The vista made the rewarding uphill trek well worth the effort. The hike also connects to trails leading deep into the Vrmac mountain range for the adventurous.

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Luxurious Tivat Spas

After all that hiking, my legs were ready for some pampering and relaxation. Luckily, Tivat has several luxurious wellness centers and spas for complete rejuvenation. I chose the exclusive Regent Spa at Porto Montenegro and felt like royalty. 

My spa treatment began with a rejuvenating marine body scrub followed by a nourishing oil massage as I gazed out floor-to-ceiling windows at the sea. 

Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day rotating through the spa’s indulgent facilities like the hydro-pool, salt room, and techno gym. For the ultimate in relaxation, this destination spa is a must during your stay in Tivat.

Explore the Beautiful St. Roch Church

One of Tivat’s architectural highlights that I made time to visit was the 19th-century St. Roch Church set on a small hill overlooking the town. 

The Catholic church has a beautiful sweeping staircase and gardens leading up to it. Inside, I was impressed by the ornate chandeliers, detailed frescoes, and stunning marble altar. 

Out on the porch, I found yet another incredible viewpoint to take in Tivat, with red-tiled rooftops stretching down to the glittering sea. The church exterior also had distinctive twin bell towers and domes topped with golden crosses. 

For its historic significance and beautiful hilltop setting, St. Roch Church is definitely worth a visit.

Take a Day Trip to Nearby Lustica Peninsula

Lastly, just across Tivat Bay lies the rural Lustica Peninsula which makes for a great day trip. After the ferry rides over, I was enchanted by the remote fishing villages, olive groves, and salt pans dotting the rugged coastline. Read more: 14 Best Things to Do in the Lustica Peninsula

Driving around, I stopped to sample homemade olive oil and local wine at family-run farms. The peninsula has excellent seafood restaurants where I enjoyed the catch of the day. If you have time, you can also tour the ancient hilltop villages like Mirista which offer stunning vistas over the entire bay. 

For a change of pace from Tivat, a day discovering the Lustica Peninsula provided beautiful scenery and a glimpse into traditional life here.

With its enchanting seaside setting, fascinating history, delicious cuisine, and abundance of activities, Tivat completely charmed me. 

Using these best things to do in Tivat, as your guide, you are sure to also fall in love with this captivating town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline as I did. Let Tivat’s beauty and adventures sweep you away on your Mediterranean dream vacation.

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